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Certified Public Accountants - How To Market Accounting Services for CPAs
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Frank Salman's latest marketing accounting services seminar for CPAs is a culmination of over 30 years of experience in which Frank developed five accounting firms of his own and assisted in developing over 2,500 CPA firms in the United States. This seminar qualifies for (6) six hours of CPE in most states. Frank E. Salman is a member of A.I.C.P.A. and The California Society of Certified Public Accountants. He has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and the Journal of Accountancy.



CPA Marketing Seminars to Successfully Develop and Manage a Quality Accounting Practice

     All Self-Study CPA Marketing Seminars include:

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A CPA has a unique relationship with their clients. In order to draw quality clients, a trust has to be established through an honest, professional marketing approach. Marketing programs that attempt to sell your services as a commodity or product will fail. Always remember your quality clients use you because they trust and believe in you.

Remember the four steps to marketing accounting services successfully:

1. Discover a business in need or seeking to change accountants.

2. Have them become interested in you.


3. Present yourself to demonstrate value.

4. And price in relationship to value!

What should I look for in a CPA marketing program?

Completeness- Accountants marketing programs must be complete in all areas. They should not be limited to websites and social media or telemarketing and direct mail. They should include a program for all areas and for all the services your firm provides.

Exact Blue Print- A program should provide you an exact proven template for your success. There should be nothing for you to invent or discover on your own. They should include all the materials, processes, forms, letters, brochures etc.

Cost of Implementation- Marketing for accountants should be effective, not expensive. They should also have very low implementation costs. An accounting practice can be one of the least expensive of all businesses to develop if performed correctly.

No Hidden Fees- Many companies offer many programs with hidden or additional fees. Use a company or individual which includes the entire cost of their program for one fee.

Saturation- CPA marketing programs should not be geographically saturated. Many companies work with many accountants in the same area using the same program. You are your own marketing coach, so you are working for yourself and not your competitors.

Longevity- The majority of Accounting Practice Development Companies are short lived. Many have come and gone. You want a company that will be around to stand by you. The individual that works with you should have years of proven experience. Avoid new companies which create hype or have "single solutions". You need a well balanced solution encompassing all aspects of marketing.

What should I avoid when researching accounting marketing programs?

Unrealistic Guarantees- Many CPA Practice Development Companies lure accountants into marketing programs with unrealistic guarantees designed to make you feel secure but have many hidden clauses protecting the company and making them extremely difficult or cost prohibitive to enforce. A guarantee is not guarantee unless it protects you. These guarantees rarely offer any real protection. Read the hard to see print and do your due diligence. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it's not true.

High Implementations Costs- The costs of many marketing programs combined with costs of implementing their program can exceed the annual revenues they generate. They commonly involve commissioned sales representatives with large incentives and bonuses. This usually results in low end clients, negative cash out flow, long hours with very little income.

Hard Selling Approach- Any marketing programs for CPAs that use traditional selling techniques will lack effectiveness in the accounting profession. Our industry is not a commodity. You will find yourself discouraged and disappointed

Over Saturation- Too many accountants? Inquire companies as to how many accountants are using their program in your area. As you would never hire the same coach for every football team in a league, don't hire the same coach as your competition. You want a Company or individual to be for you, with your best interest in heart.

Reoccurring Fees- Avoid companies which have undisclosed reoccurring fees or derive the majority of their revenue from other services or products they sell. Always inquire of all initial costs, reoccurring costs and any fees you are expected to incur in pursuing their program.

Financing- Avoid companies which offer financing with unaffiliated companies. Mortgaging your future for short term solutions is a long term financial problem. Accounting practices can generate cash flow quickly, which can be used to finance the growth of your practice debt free.

If you learn from others people's mistakes, you won't suffer the consequences of those mistakes. If you learn from other people's success, you can be successful with them! You don't have to invent the key to your success, you can find someone who has discovered it, learn from them, reduplicate it, and use it to your immediate success!

Why should you order this Marketing for CPAs seminar?

Frank Salman is a CPA who has started, owned, and operated five public accounting firms. He has since emerged as the leader in our nation for practice development and management consulting. Individually he has assisted in developing over 2,500 CPA firms in the United States. By focusing specifically on marketing for CPAs and building your firm, his accounting services marketing and management techniques have proven to be the most successful and professional techniques available today, and now available as a self-study marketing seminar for accountants and CPAs.

What makes Frank's Accounting Practice Development Techniques so different from others?

When Frank Salman began consulting with accountants in 1994, among the first things he noticed were the many other marketing methods available to CPAs. He realized the marketing approach and methods he used to develop his last three practices were dramatically different than those of other accounting marketing programs.

Upon evaluation, Frank realized everything he learned about how to market accounting services was from his own experience as a CPA. It was from starting, owning, and managing five firms and having started each one from scratch. It is Frank's experience that in the Public Accounting industry, a client and a CPA have a unique relationship. A client is provided with the personal service of taking care of his or her finances and taxes. Accordingly, a quality client uses a particular accountant because he or she trusts and values his or her service. Frank has discovered that trust and value have to be established; they cannot be sold.

Because of this, Frank does not believe you can market and sell accounting services like a commodity or product. Doing so will only diminish a potential client's view toward the quality and professionalism of his or her firm. In fact, Frank's techniques involves no selling. His unique approach to accounting services marketing is based upon honesty and professionalism.

In your community, there are, in fact, many businesses that need or want to change accountants. Ask yourself, How will they become interested in me? Using Frank's unique approach, you will understand how to build a CPA practice. Frank's CPA marketing techniques will equip you to draw businesses that want to change and motivate them to become interested in your firm. Frank's CPA marketing tips are extremely effective and have proven to be reliable in the accounting industry.

If you are researching on how to start an accounting practice or currently have a practice and interested in acquiring new high-quality clients, you need to order this seminar which will not only demonstrate effective marketing strategies, but equip you with the CPA marketing tips which will show you how to build an accounting firm without the painstaking time and frustration of trial and error.  Frank's accounting practice management techniques help you grow efficiently and effectively.

What are the problems facing accountants today?

The two main problems plaguing accountants today are low-end clients and discounting of fees. Simply stated, too many accountants work too many hours with inadequate cash flow and collection problems. It doesn't have to be that way. You can learn how to build a CPA firm and eliminate these problems.


When you view the seminar, it will help you learn how to market accounting services and:

  • Target market new high-quality business clients

  • Generate economic value through enhanced presentation skills
  • Value price your services for a higher quality practice
  • Manage your accounts receivable and eliminate collection problems
  • Generate referrals
  • Use Quick Books and Financial Services to enhance your practice
  • Learn the value of delegating and processing work efficiently

If you are an accountant who desires to know how to market accounting services and aquire new high quality clients or who would like to learn how to be more efficient with time and increase your cash flow, then you need to order this seminar!

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Just what are accountants saying about Frank's marketing programs for CPAs?

Robert CPA

"I thought I would take a moment to bring you up-to-date on my practice. In the summer of 1997, I quit my job, purchased your program, and started a practice with no clients, save my neighbor. In a few months my monthly cash flow was able to pay for an office, equipment, and other overhead. It was thrilling to have that kind of cash flow before I hit my first tax season. When my first tax season arrived, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. During the first two days, 23 people called me to do their tax returns. It was all I could do to field the calls. Of those, 21 became my clients, and 20 had a fee higher than they did the previous year! Tax season ended with a nice client base and ample cash in my checkbook. And I didn't have to go in debt and buy a practice to do it. By the end of 1998, I was able to purchase the office building I was renting which provides enough space for a few years of growth. You have been an exceptional consultant. Thank you for providing me with outstanding advice in both a technical and practice management setting. There have been many times I have appreciated your encouragement and was thankful that I had a marketing resource like you to help me. I do not believe my practice would be where it is today without your program and direction. Even though there were no additional fees since the initial cost of the program, it is worth many times more than what you ask. Thank you again." - Robert of Salisbury, Maryland

Peter CPA
"Recently, I had the pleasure to review the new Frank Salman Practice Development Seminar and I must say, it was unlike any other practice development program, I have ever tried or reviewed. In my 23 years as a CPA, I have tried many different marketing programs. Some were OK, but most of them were more hype than substance. Frank's program is nothing like that. Frank's program is based on honesty and integrity, traits that are many times lacking in the marketing/sales process. But what really differentiates Frank's program from the others in the marketplace is Frank himself. I highly endorse Frank Salman and the Frank Salman Practice Development Program. There is no program like Frank's. I guarantee that if you invest in the program, you will look back one day and say that was one of the best decisions you have ever made. I know I did. When you do things the Frank Salman way, good things happen. I quoted a fee more than double my competition, and I got the client. Presentation is the foundation for your pricing. Where have I heard that before?" - Peter of Bayville, NJ
David CPA

First, however, I do want to tell you that your DVDs are OUTSTANDING. Your presentation style is very effective and I have found the actual content invaluable. I'm about halfway through the set. I keep stopping the discs to take notes. I should have watched it sooner! It was a high quality video and very effective. To your point at the very beginning of the video, this is a great way to get what you do out to those that need it. I'm grateful to have seen it, as it removed any doubt I had and what I needed to do. - David of Plano, Texas

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