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About Frank E. Salman, CPA and Why He Started this Accounting Practice Seminar


Frank E. Salman is a member of A.I.C.P.A. and The California Society of Certified Public Accountants.

He has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and the Journal of Accountancy.


Frank E. Salman graduated in May 1983 from California State University Fullerton with a 4.0 grade point average in accounting. During his time in college he set an academic record for achieving the highest test results in the University's history on the accounting department's final examination.

After graduation Frank began working in August 1983 at a local CPA firm. He left that CPA firm in November 1984 to start his first accounting and tax practice. This practice was started in December 1984 and was sold in November 1985. He sold this practice in order to obtain the additional experience required by the state of California for certification as a CPA. Frank worked for two years at a large CPA firm until he received certification in December 1987.

Upon his certification he left his position with that firm to start the opening of his second practice. That particular practice did extremely well and was sold May 1989 to relocate out of the area.

Because Frank profited so well from the sale of that practice, he realized it would be in his best interest to lease empty office space and start firms from scratch. From that point, Frank went out and started three practices, three years in a row.

All of the practices were developed from scratch with no leads or referral base. They were all developed by using the exact same marketing program. Frank's initial intention was to start his sixth practice in January 1995. However, he could not open the practice in time and continue to successfully transition off the practice he had just sold. Because of this, he decided not to open this practice and take the year off. In so doing, he realized most of the people who came to look at his Victorville practice were accountants looking to buy the practice because they felt this was the only way they would ever achieve self-employment or expand their client base.

Once the accountants came to Victorville and learned when the practice was started, the quantity of the accounts that were acquired, and also saw the quality of the accounts acquired, they became more interested in how Frank was able to build the practice in such a short period of time. That's when Frank reflected on when he built his first practice in 1984. He was in an empty office with no work and no clients and did not know what to do to develop the business. Frank compared these days to where he is today. In January 1994, he leased an 800 sq. ft. office on a one- year lease, set up three office rooms, a large reception area, and two computer rooms. He then hired someone to work for him, and in just 10 months he developed a $150,000-a-year practice.

Following that, Frank thought about teaching his entire marketing program to someone looking to build an accounting practice. All they would have to do is duplicate Frank's steps. What if they could be as successful as he and not have to go through the 10 years of trial and error while spending thousands of dollars pursuing ineffective programs?

As an experiment, Frank found an accountant whose job was being phased-out and was being forced to start his own practice. This accountant drove to Frank's office in Victorville and sat down with him for two hours. Frank taught him the steps to take to achieve the same results as Frank.

That accountant went out and did exactly what Frank informed him to do with the materials provided him. The result, the accountant built a $100,000-a-year practice within his first year in business. Because that accountant's results were so positive, Frank worked with another accountant who also became very successful.

Today, Frank Salman' s marketing program has become one of the most successful practice development programs ever offered. Individually, Frank has assisted accountants in developing over 2,500 practices nationwide having traveled to every major city in the United States and has spoken to over 10,000 CPAs.

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