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Marketing for CPAs and Accounting Services FAQ

Top 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions

1) Why do most market programs for CPAs and Accountants fail? Most marketing failures result from the program being commodity based. The accounting industry is based on trust. Trust has to be established. It cannot be sold. Traditional marketing approaches based on “selling” often fail in our industry.


2) Can I still use direct mail for CPAs and Accountants to market for new clients? Yes! More so than ever! Many accountants have vacated traditional direct marketing methods creating a tremendous void. I recently worked with an accountant who developed $60,000 in annual billing from an approximate mailing of 3,000 pieces over three months. This holds true for other industries as well. A published article in the Orange County Register reported some non-for-profit organizations have received 30 times greater rate-of-returns on direct mail compared to email marketing.


3) Can I still use telephone communication for CPAs and Accountants to market for new clients? Yes! Like direct mail, many accountants have also vacated telephone marketing in favor of social media creating a great opportunity. Furthermore, if you have available staff to place calls, telephone is a less expensive alternative to direct mail and can be just as successful.


4) Are Websites a useful tool for CPAs and Accountants to market for new clients?   Yes but proceed with caution! Remember, not all teams in the same sports league hire the same coach. They are in competition against each other and only one team wins the prize. There are only a handful of preferred positions on an Organic Internet Search. You need a coach that will optimize your site to win one of those positions. If you are using a company promoting only to the accounting industry, chances are they are hosting many more sites than there are high positions available. Visibility is a major component to the success of your website.


5) Do I need a website to successfully market for my Accounting firm? Yes! In today’s technological world, prospective clients often perform Internet searches to perform diligence on your firm. If they don’t find a website for your firm, they become suspicious. I once had a CPA report to me that he attempted to market for new clients but had to suspend his program pending the development of his website. Too many businesses were turned away from his firm due to the lack of having a website.


6) Can CPAs and Accountants market for accounting and tax services out of their home? Yes and I encourage them to do so! In years past it may have been frowned upon but in today’s technological world, it is readably acceptable and often looked upon as a practical move. I recommend CPAs and Accountants in starting their practices; never put the cart before the horse. The best way for you to succeed is to provide yourself the greatest opportunity for that success. Accordingly, limit your expenditures to only the basic tools to service your clients and focus on your marketing efforts.


7) Does marketing for CPAs and Accountants to new clients have to be expensive? No! Marketing for CPAs and Accountants has to be effective; not expensive. Since a successful marketing program is predicated on establishing trust, you eliminate the expenses of selling thereby greatly reducing your overall costs.


8) What is the most common mistake CPAs and Accountants make in marketing for new clients? The most common mistakes are poor presentation and the use of “Hype”. Don’t look at your marketing material through your eyes but see it from the eyes of your perspective client. Any use of hype, promotions, or selling techniques, will immediately disqualify your marketing program. The Accounting Profession is based on trust and integrity. The use of such items undermines the prospective client’s perception of your firm while diminishing value.


9) Why do so many marketing programs for CPAs and Accountants to market for new clients result in low-end clients? Their marketing program focused on cost rather then value. If your marketing program commoditizes your approach you have diminished the perceived value of your firm and its services. The result is low end clients. The rule is: low end clients respond to low end marketing approaches. Ask yourself why do referrals always make the best source for quality new clients? The answer is because trust and value are already partially established. Your marketing approach must never diminish the opportunity for a perspective client to establish trust and see value in using your firm services.


10) Can I be successful as a CPA, Accountant, or enrolled agent marketing for new clients? Yes you can but it’s up to you to make it happen! You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make the horse drink. The opportunities today in the accounting profession are expanding while the numbers of professional graduates are declining. In a recent CPE class it was represented the average age of a tax preparer today is 60! In addition, many CPAs, Accountants and Enrolled Agents don’t provide their clients the quality of service of just a decade ago. There are many businesses in need of help today actively searching for a new Accountant. Furthermore, the rapidly changing laws while having created much confusion have also raised great opportunities. It is an excellent time to take advantage of those opportunities while so many businesses are in need of help!

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