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Frank is a member of A.I.C.P.A. and The California Society of Certified Public Accountants

The most commonly asked question accountants have about the Frank Salman CPA practice development seminar is:

"Does this seminar have educational material, or is it like other seminars which provide hype to get you to purchase something else?"

The answer: This is a six-hour educational accounting seminar which teaches CPAs target marketing and administrative skills to improve the quality of your accounting practice in order to efficiently and effectively grow an accounting firm.

Over the last thirty years, Frank Salman, CPA has personally spoken to over 10,000 CPAs. In so doing, he feels the number one problem plaguing accountants is low-end clients. Simply stated, many accountants find themselves continually working without ever getting financially ahead. Frank has found many accountants who own their own practice find themselves in a position of feeling trapped. It doesn't have to be that way.

Our CPA marketing seminars will provide you valuable information and tips on how to:

  • Target market for new high quality accountants

  • Present yourself to new clients

  • Demonstrate the value of your services to new clients

  • Price your services in relationship to value

  • Avoid account receivable problems

  • Use financial services in your practice

  • Work Quick Books with your clients

  • Avoid problems associated with buying or selling a practice

  • Avoid marketing methods that don't work

  • Delegate your time in your practice

The Frank Salman CPA Accounting Seminar for Practice Development is a culmination of 30 years of work and experience placed into a six-hour video.

"It's interesting," Frank says. "I will be on the phone talking to a CPA who works 60 hours a week earning $60,000 a year who is absolutely miserable. Then as soon as I get off the phone with that CPA, I will get another call from another one who works 30 hours a week and makes $200,000 a year and who enjoys each day of his life.

"Here is the difference. The CPA earning $60,000 a year has a practice that controls he or she. Much of their time is spent on low quality clients and administration.

"On the other hand, the CPA earning $200,000 per year owns a practice that he or she controls. Their practice consist of quality clients. Furthermore, this CPA implements management policies which allow him or her to delegate and process work efficiently.

"If you are an accountant who finds you are continuously working and never getting ahead, I have good news for you. It doesn't have to be that way. I have always said in every seminar I have performed, the first step is to recognize a situation that needs changed, and the second step is to take action to change it. Situations don't change unless you change them. The practice you have today will be the practice you have tomorrow. So if you recognize problems in your practice, take action today to change it. There is no reason you can't have a practice that works for you."

How can we provide all of these CPA marketing strategies for only $89?

As practice development consultants, the bulk of our earnings have come from assisting accountants in building their practice.  However, if at the same time we can take the culmination of our experience and condense it into a low-cost six-hour seminar to help struggling accountants and provide them six hours of CPE, why not do it? Frank says, "I spent many years of making costly mistakes before I was fortunate to find the formula for success. I then thought to myself, Why not take what I have learned and provide these marketing methods to other CPAs for a low cost in hopes they won't make the same mistakes?"

Our goal is to make this CPA seminar available to every accountant, as it offers invaluable information on how to build an accounting firm!


1) Introduction


2) Target Marketing

  • Contact name

  • Business name

  • Address

  • Phone number.

3) Parameters

  • Employee size

  • Sales volume

  • Credit information

  • Industries (excluding and concentrating on one industry)

  • Locations

4) Building a Radius

  • Optimal size list

  • Small towns

  • Poor demographics

  • Mom & Pop businesses

  • Major clients vs. minor clients

  • Can you start out of your home?

5) Implementation

  • Vehicle of communication vs. approach

6) Client Presentations

  • Foundation for Pricing

  • Identify needs

  • Fill those needs

  • Demonstrate vs. communicate

  • Exponential effect

7) Pricing

  • Price in relationship to value

  • Objective factors

  • Subjective factors

  • Reason client changing accountants

9) Low Quality Practice to High Quality Practice.

  • Transforming to High-Quality Practice

10) Flat Fees vs. Time Billing

  • Monthly and quarterly clients

  • Year-end returns

  • Unusual or non-recurring services

  • IRS representations

  • Financial reporting (compilations, reviews, and audits)

11) Collections

  • Why is accountant last one to be paid?

  • COD practice

  • Business clients

  • Individual clients

  • Payment is reflection of appreciation

12) Referrals

  • Shows appreciation

  • How to generate

13) Payroll Practices

  • Separate company

  • Easy to delegate

  • Easy to market

  • Exit strategy

14) Quick Books

  • Clients have become dangerous

  • IRS cracking down

  • Make "Quick Books" work for you

  • Set up an "Ask My Accountant" account

  • Registered "Quick Books" advisor


15) Financial Services

  • Accountants as financial leaders

  • Affiliate with objective company

  • Avoid attrition

  • Key for Success

16) Websites

  • Key to develop financial service

  • Mandatory

  • Professional, powerful appearance

  • Attract new, external clients

  • Pitfalls

  • Organic searches vs. paid sponsor links

  • Web solution provider must work for you

17) Software

  • Accounting software

  • Tax software

  • Tax research library

  • Quick finder books

18) Common Mistakes

  • New homeowner list

  • New business license

  • County courthouse

  • Radio advertising

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Newsletters

  • Sponsored links - Google Ads

  • Don't make the industry a commodity

19) Buying or Selling a Practice

  • Most frequent problems

  • Integrity of buyer or seller

  • Low quality clients

  • Adjustable sales price

  • Longevity factor

20) Delegating and Processing Work

  • What is wrong with practices today?

  • Define type of practice to develop

  • Eliminate unnecessary steps

  • Quality and product efficiently

  • Build a practice that works for you

21) Best Time to Market

  • Practice development periods

  • Market year round

  • Marketing in a recession

22) Importance in Practice Development

  • Age Attrition

  • Increasing the quality of your practice

  • Developing higher quality clients

  • Raising or eliminating low-end clients


Everything you need to get started is included!

cpa marketing seminars

All Self-Study CPA Marketing Seminars include:

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> Six hours of continuing professional education valid in most states

> All your seminar materials included to keep your study organized

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