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What Accountants are Saying About The Accounting Practice Development Seminars

"First, however, I do want to tell you that your DVDs are OUTSTANDING. You presentation style is very effective and I have found the actual content invaluable. I'm about halfway through the set. I keep stopping the discs to take notes. I should have watched it sooner! It was a high quality video and very effective. To your point at the very beginning of the video, this is a great way to get what you do out to those that need it. I'm grateful to have seen it, as it removed any doubt I had and what I needed to do." -David of Plano, TX

"Recently, I had the pleasure to review the new Frank Salman Practice Development Seminar and I must say, it was unlike any other practice development program, I have ever tried or reviewed. In my 23 years as a CPA, I have tried many different marketing programs. Some were OK, but most of them were more hype than substance. Frank's program is nothing like that. Frank's program is based on honesty and integrity, traits that are many times lacking in the marketing/sales process. But what really differentiates Frank's program from the others in the marketplace is Frank himself.  I highly endorse Frank Salman and the Frank Salman Practice Development Program. There is no program like Frank's and there is no one like Frank. I guarantee that if you invest in the program, you will look back one day and say that was one of the best decisions you have ever made. I know I did. When you do things the Frank Salman way, good things happen. I quoted a fee more than double my competition, and I got the client. Presentation is the foundation for your pricing. Where have I heard that before?" - Pete of Bayville, NJ

"Thanks for a GREAT seminar!! I watched it Sunday night and really felt optimistic after watching it and the chances of putting the concepts to work for me. I can't say enough good things about the seminar, so I will say that it was by far the BEST seminar I have ever participated in, either live or self-study."  - David of McMinnville, Tennessee  

"We used your "best" direct mail letter for the regular businesses and your dentist letter for the dentists. It has been two weeks since they went out. We got around twelve responses so far. While the number sounds low, they are all very good potential clients with average billings of $3-$5K. Looks like most of those will still sign up as clients. So I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! We really appreciate your ongoing support!" -Michael of Baltimore, MD

"By the way, you should charge a higher fee. You're incredibly awesome at answering all of these questions, and the rate you charge for on-going consultation is entirely too low."    -Kara of Austin, TX

"Great understanding in the process steps in developing a CPA practice.  This was one of the greatest seminars I had pleasure in viewing."
-Ray of Tampa, FL

"Thank you for your help in getting the clients I need to have a thriving practice.  The things you taught me work very well for me. Just one problem: HELP!  I got more work than I know what to do with.  The last 10 tax seasons were pretty easy for me, but this time is totally different.  In the 15 years I've been in public accounting, I can’t think of any tax season like this."    - Daniel of San Jose, California

"The seminar does a very thorough job of demonstrating your expert knowledge, methodologies, and strategies in marketing, presenting, and pricing accounting and tax services. What I like about the seminar is the fact that you have developed these techniques from your experience as a start up-direct marketing based upon demonstrating ability as a trusted advisor." - Ken of Bristol, NH

"Everything in this seminar is valuable information for someone considering starting their own practice, but I particularly liked the thorough description of the PROCESS from start to finish - creating the lists, the importance of a good presentations, and pricing based on perceived value. I really appreciate the detail given. I prefer the new format because (1) you gave additional detail on subjects already covered in the last one, such as websites; (2) you made it more relevant to this economic climate which is reassuring; (3) we can access the topics on the DVD, which makes it easier if one wants to look at a specific topic again. Besides being informative, you are very encouraging, and of course, believable. So you did something I didn't think could be done- you improved on the old DVD! This seminar is so good, I can't come up with any "constructive" criticism because you didn't leave anything out. - Brenda of Keyport, NJ

"I would like to offer you a simple thank you for offering your success to others so they can grow their practices with hope of securing a better future. I now understand that 1) Traditional marketing techniques will lead to limited success. 2) Not to allow myself to commoditize our practice/industry 3) It's all in the approach and value we give our clients." - Louis of Windermere, Florida

"First, let me tell you that your seminar was the best seminar I've attended in all my years in the accounting industry, 18. And I've been to them all. I like the real world examples you bring." -Trey of Houston, Texas

Just an update – we have seen a 50% increase in growth over last year already!!!  THE SALMAN PROGRAM ROCKS!!!!! -Vicki at Murfreesboro, TN

"I purchased your seminar/materials in summer 2004. Your DVD's were so good that when we utilized the ideas with our pre-existing direct mail procedures, we have had so much new business that it has only been this year that we really got caught up (August, 2006)." -Fred of Minnetonka, MN

"...I also want to thank you for sending the seminar videos and the updated practice development video. All three were outstanding. The first night I couldn't view the video until almost 10:00 pm, but I stayed up until 1:00 am to complete it. I couldn't turn it off. Keep in mind I rarely stay up past 11:00. I could go on and on, but I'm sure you receive many comments like that. My plans and ambitions to start my practice in December/January of this upcoming year have been filled with even more excitement after watching those videos." -Joe of Erie, Pennsylvania

"I believe that you have the best program, and you are one of the best CPAs. You are the first person that ever caused me to even consider having my own business." - Emily of Oklahoma City, OK

"I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar, particularly the session on pricing of services. Your message hit home. Immediately after the seminar I went back to the office to finish an amended 1996 S Corporation and Individual income return that another accountant forgot to claim the California Manufacturers Investment Credit. The new client was getting a refund in excess of $20,000...Best yet, your message to me was loud and clear - ...I added $1,000 to the fee and hand delivered the returns the next day. The client didn't blink at the fee and really appreciated the refund. I have also added $50 and $100 to every monthly write-up I've quoted since the seminar. Thanks for the boost to my income." - Thomas of Irvine, CA

"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent seminar last week. I have not made a decision yet on the engagement letter, but I do know your program is a very valuable asset to any CPA firm that makes a commitment. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving." - Roger of Springfield, MO

"The greatest value I received...was your seminar. It made me realize that I needed to give attention to the growth of my practice. It was inspiring, informative, and motivated me." - Doug of Gleneden Beach, OR

"Your seminar provided valuable information that I hope to apply later in my career. As I expressed to you in our phone conversation, I really enjoyed how you concluded your seminar with the story of Peter walking on water. As you started to tell the story, I pondered how you would relate it to your seminar. I think you did a wonderful job correlating the story to encourage other CPA'S to advance their business to the next level. What an awesome way to plant the seed of truth with such a positive approach. I have no doubt that what you said came from your heart because of your explanations you communicated as you told the story. You did not simply recite a story, but you added additional details that confirmed you understood the true meaning of the story. I will always remember that. Thank you again for your follow up. As I thought about our conversation later, I noticed how you put into practice one of the points you made in your seminar. You listened and allowed "the potential client" to talk first instead of you talking first. - May Lee of Dallas, TX

"I just wanted to let you know that after the July 4th weekend, I was able to view your seminar. I thought it was excellent, just like your live presentation. I got a great deal of knowledge and insight out of both. I did not watch the seminar in one sitting. I found it to be more informative to view it in segments. That way I could replay portions of what you were saying many times over." - Joel of Largo, FL

"This letter is to express my appreciation for your seminar. I am a sole practitioner in Albuquerque, NM. I have been in practice for four years. I have learned so much about building a practice. When I reviewed your seminar, all I could do was shake my head in agreement. My own experience has shown me that you were correct in everything you said about building a practice. Imagine how closely I listened to the things I have not experienced yet. I wish I had had your seminar when I was first starting out. It would have saved me so much money in costly marketing mistakes as well as the frustration I have experienced in developing a profitable practice. I found you a great speaker. I feel that I am particularly attuned to how information is presented due to my extensive background in teaching tax law classes. Thanks again for the information. It was extremely helpful." - Athena of Albuquerque, NM

"Thanks for you're seminar. It was great to get feed back on how your techniques compare to my own, Some things you talked about, I was already doing. Other things I changed as soon as I completed the seminar. I never called prospective clients back after the initial consultation, after all I'm the important one. Wrong! You told us to always follow up so I immediately called a prospective client that I had met with a week earlier. I called three times during the following two weeks and they still hadn't returned my call. Then an hour after the third call, they called me. Within ten minutes, they asked when they could come in the next day to bring me everything! I also put into practice your techniques on client proposals. This too required changes on my part. Near the end of the meeting, the prospective client said, "I don't mind paying you more than my current CPA". Yes these are the results you must have been talking about. I think this is the first CPE class where I actually didn't want the seminar to end. I saw the connection with your techniques and an increase in my success as a CPA so I wanted more information. This is my 21st year as a CPA. I wished I had your knowledge 20 years ago." - Scott of Monett, MO

"I was just thinking about you...I have viewed the DVDs once and absolutely loved them! I am viewing the DVDs a second time over the next week. I must say that the presentation style and quality of material presented was excellent." -HN from Canada

"I was most interested to see the proven history of performance of a system that enhances the credibility of the profession. Thank you for providing via CD & DVD. I have been able to watch these over and over to review the key points." - Tom of Raleigh, NC

"I found great benefit from hearing all the vivid examples, all the having "been there, done that" from Frank's personal experience. The seminar delivered on all the promises; providing an honest, in-depth evaluation of the possibilities for building an accounting practice." - Armando of Katy, TX

"Your new DVD program is excellent. Great job!" - Rohit of Centreville, VA

"Very straight forward and to the point. It covered everything from soup to nuts for the accounting industry. Great advice on a number of topics." -Rod of Kirkland, WA

"Thanks for restoring integrity to our profession." - Steve in Livermore, California

“Presented very well with thoroughness throughout. Nice to know that there is a someone who knows both the big picture and details of practice development. ” -Michael Union Grove, AL

"Frank is the first person to be honest about business development as a CPA".  -Ben of Crestview Hills, KY 

"The seminar gives an understanding of the difference between regular marketing vs. marketing for CPAs". Jose of Annville, KY

"Excellent information on general best practices, pitfalls to avoid/and benefit on marketing approaches. I appreciated the direct focus on CPA start-up and client marketing. It was free from general marketing fillers and vague lists of tips I have seen in other offerings." - Jeff of Bethesda, MD

"We are on target for a 70% increase in sales over last year. Thanks for all of your help!"  Vicki of Murfreesboro, TN

What Accountants are Saying About The Business Development Programs for CPAs

"Thanks again for providing the materials They were invaluable to jump starting my firm and in continuing its growth. We have grown from $125K to $445K. Even thought we are in a small town of about 15k mostly commuting residents and few local businesses using your materials have enabled us to be able to grow rapidly where the demographics indicate we should be struggling. If there is any complaint it is that following your advice causes growth that is too fast to keep up with. However, it is controllable and allows me to make investments in future growth with the confidence that I have tools that can bring in more business when it is needed."  -Ray of East Hampton, CT

"I am impressed with your self-study seminar. You appear to be the genuine article - someone who really cares about our sucess. I wish you had been around back in the days I started my first practice in 1989. If I had known, I would have saved myself tens of thousands of dollars that I lost investing in another practice development company, as well as the aggravation and the difficulties that came along with it. Not to mention all the money lost on overhead. I am more excited about the accounting profession than I have been in years, Frank. And I have you to thank for it. Your program has given me hope for the future. A future I didn't have too much hope for until recently." -Peter of Bayville, New Jersey

"I wish I had taken this course about 25 years ago." - Martin of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I have found it difficult to find an honest, simple and straightforward CPA Marketing Program. However, your program appears to be right on the money" Asad from Piscataway, New Jersey

"Your program really helped me jump start my practice. This is my second year and I show 250% growth over the first year. I believe the calls we made in the fall of 2006 and then the flyers early this year contributed immensely to that rapid growth. Word of mouth is slowly working too, so I'm excited to head into my third tax season. I'm glad to hear your year was exceptional too. Merry Christmas to you and your family!" - Barry of Great Bend, Kansas

"When we started our firm in the fourth quarter of 2005, we had no clients and no revenue, but we did have our burning desire to succeed. Your program gave us a plan to follow. Your coaching and experience gave us the depth of practice development knowledge to ensure success. All we had to do was work hard and execute the plan. Your concept of "demonstration" during the free consultation is extremely powerful in obtaining new clients, and self satisfying as well. For the first few months I called you often, sometimes daily, and you were ALWAYS there for me. I appreciated your enthusiasm and commitment to our success. As we just concluded our first full year, I am pleased to let you know that we achieved our goal of generating $200,000 in revenue from high quality clients. As we continue to grow our revenue generating firm asset, our goal is to continue adding $200,000 each year, indefinitely. I am extremely satisfied with your program and would recommend it to any serious, hard working practitioner without hesitation." - Kent of Henderson, Nevada

"Your program is very practical and offers step-by-step methods for getting results. These are tools that are not taught in Accounting schools, which you would think should be, but probably never will. I really appreciate Frank's genuineness and his "no sell" approach. This program appeals to a new prospect's common sense where both the CPA and prospect benefit mutually." - Timothy from Edwardsburg, MI

"I just received the material you sent, and I'm impressed; it's exactly what I was looking for, and I read the manual cover to cover. I know you said I should view the seminar before looking at the manual, but like a kid on Christmas morning, I was too eager to wait. I must admit I'm a little anxious because I'm only starting out and still don't have all my ducks in a row. I'm learning that starting a new business is a daunting endeavor made all the more difficult because people don't deliver on their promises. I can't wait to get started." - Dennis of Parsippany, NJ

"I really am grateful to you, Frank. If it hadn't been for you, I would probably be desperately looking for a job right now I certainly wouldn't have the client base I have, and I most assuredly wouldn't be thinking about arrangements in case something were to happen to me for my clients to be taken care of." - Darlene of Fresno, California

"I appreciated the insights that your experience gave me in the seminar. I purchased your program later in January. Your individual tax advertising idea helped me develop a tax practice immediately. After my advertisement was placed, my phone rang off the hook, and I had 60 clients within a couple of weeks. - Rick of Keizer, Oregon

"Your seminar has helped me and my family enormously and helped me professionally. I have 100% confidence in your methods and routines. Your program is one of the best investments I have ever made. You should have a curriculum which is mandatory teaching at all universities." - Tommy of Knoxville, Tennessee

"I apologize for the delay in responding to your letter of February 10, 2000. However, the reason for the delay is a good one. We are swamped with work here! So far, we are finding the Practice Development Program to be extremely successful. In fact, our biggest problem now is keeping up with all the work that is coming in! Probably even more valuable than the monetary return on this program is an intangible reward. That is that my confidence in my practice and myself has increased substantially. That in turn is helping me in setting better prices for the product I offer my clients. This benefit did not occur immediately but has been a product of this process of watching my practice grow so rapidly. Also, I think the theory of "supply and demand" has finally kicked in here in that since I am so busy I am able to be more selective with the clientele I accept. Thanks again for your availability and willingness to help with any questions I have had so far in the program. I am very thankful that I attended your seminar last fall and began this program to grow my practice." - Teri of Martinez, Georgia

"Thank you, Frank. Thank you for taking my money. Thank you for giving me the means to build a healthy CPA practice. Your years of marketing research have paid off for me and will pay off for anyone else who buys your program and works it as instructed. I almost feel that I should send you more money for what I've gotten out of the program." - Michael of Durham, North Carolina

"I am writing this letter to share with you the business success I have experienced since I purchased your marketing program three years ago. I started my firm in early 1995 with approximately $25,000 in annual gross receipts. After attempting to expand my client base through membership and attendance of meetings in two local Chamber of Commerce organizations, then the hiring of a business consultant, and finally my own direct mail campaign, I had approximately $30,000 in gross revenue one year later. In mid-1996 I purchased your marketing program and followed the guidelines for securing additional business. I used the program for two months in the fall of 1996, one month in the fall of 1997, and one month in the spring of 1998. Based on this effort, which required approximately 8 hours of work per week on my part, my practice is now at approximately four times the gross revenue level of when I started." - Diana of Alameda, California

"I wanted to write you this letter to tell you how pleased I am with your marketing program. Since implementing it in September of 1998, I have generated over $100,000 of new, recurring business. At first I was very skeptical. However, I decided to use your program and have been thrilled with the results." (January 1999) - John of Encino, California

"I can barely contain my enthusiasm; the results I'm getting are incredible! Within one hour of actually starting, I made an appointment with a business owner who offered to hire me for monthly accounting. The second day of working the program, I made a very encouraging contact with a gentleman that owns an insurance company and two office buildings who openly admitted that he was interested in a new CPA. That same day I reached an attorney who wanted tax advice on a $1.3 million dollar estate planning engagement. Also in the same day, I reached a bar owner who was considering hiring an outside accountant to replace his in-house bookkeeper. And yet another attorney, all reached in the same day! Today, in just 45 minutes, I secured an appointment with a small but rapidly growing concept-restaurant that is providing computers with Internet access to its patrons. In addition I made an unintended but welcome contact with two individuals who needed preparation of personal returns. One of the most bizarre twists in this experience has been the realization that I actually enjoy following the simple steps in your program. Based on my past dreadful experiences with practice development, I would never have imagined that I would enjoy any aspect of talking to prospective clients and developing new business, yet I find myself actually looking forward to the one hour per day I spend on the program! Based on my short time with the program, I would strongly recommend it to any CPA who is interested in new business." - Donald of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"We were impressed with the Practice Development Program. The multifaceted approach of your program, video, and personal mentorship was exactly what we needed. We are pleased to say that our practice has tripled its billings in the past 10 months. We did this without even having a printed phone number in the phone book and with our previous boss denying that we no longer worked there. We have been very loyal to any suggestions that you have given, and it certainly has proven to be beneficial. Thank you again for helping us to gain control of our future." - John & Julie of Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"First of all, the Program is terrific! I am probably not your best example because I never took the program full-time, but I really liked it. I don't have any accounting clients, but I have a small part-time tax practice (I work full-time as a Finance Director for a High School). I would venture to guess that most of these marketing/start-up accounting programs are basically the same. Some more high pressure than others. But the item that I am sure that separates you from the rest is your personal service and genuine care for the buyer to succeed. The bottom line is that I feel your program is a great Practice Development Program." - Joe of Erie, Pennsylvania

"I thought I would take a moment to bring you up-to-date on my practice. In the summer of 1997, I quit my job, purchased your program, and started a practice with no clients, save my neighbor. In a few months my monthly cash flow was able to pay for an office, equipment, and other overhead. It was thrilling to have that kind of cash flow before I hit my first tax season. When my first tax season arrived, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. During the first two days, 23 people called me to do their tax returns. It was all I could do to field the calls. Of those, 21 became my clients, and 20 had a fee higher than they did the previous year! Tax season ended with a nice client base and ample cash in my checkbook. And I didn't have to go in debt and buy a practice to do it. By the end of 1998, I was able to purchase the office building I was renting which provides enough space for a few years of growth. I do not believe my practice would be where it is today without your program. Even though there were no additional fees since the initial cost of the program, it is worth many times more than what you ask. Thank you again." - Robert of Salisbury, Maryland

"I know you haven't heard from me but there is a reason. I have been busy. I think I told you about it...[Clients] called me. All I had to do was say, "Sure, I'm interested in being your CPA" Unbelievable. One business In particular was quite large. The monthly billing is $750.00. Additionally, I just completed a special project for that same business which brought in another $4,500.00. I am happy. I have picked up several other accounts from my telemarketer as well as the promise of several tax returns at the close of the year, All is going well. Actually, my telemarketer has not worked as much as she should. She has taken several days off. She took the whole of last week off. This may sound silly, but I have been so busy I didn't care. I have already told her that we go full time starting in August. Now, on to why I faxed this, I am wanting to enter the tax resolution business. I have picked up several clients without really advertising. Just seems to be one of those things that is happening." - Larry of Walnut Ridge, AR

"I need to thank you for your marketing program that I have used over the past three-plus years. Your Practice Development Program is superb! Although I have not implemented the "write-up" work section of your program, I have used your 1040 program for three seasons. That program alone has provided me with all types of work, including "write-up" work. Frankly, I have been too busy to pursue the other portion of your program. I plan to implement the "write-up" work program in the future, but right now your methods have provided me with more than enough work. In fact, I had to move my office to facilitate the need for more space. I highly recommend your program and I am sure that all closely held CPA firms can benefit from it." - Michael of Midlothian, IL

"We had been struggling to build a practice. My father and I had received little or no new business in months. In addition I was working two jobs. One position was as a full time as an audit manager for a local CPA firm. On February 1, 1999 we leased office space in the City of Orange. Our practice has grown from an in home "side" business to a full blown practice. Your program has been a savior to our entire family. I am so pleased with the results that I've recommended your program to many others. " - David of Encino, CA

"Within one week of starting my client acquisition program, I had six appointments with business owners. My first appointment resulted in a monthly bookkeeping client...When starting a new business, every dollar is important. I feel the program has helped me to avoid making costly mistakes with his advice. The money I spent was the best investment I could have made in starting my new CPA firm." - Arthur of San Dimas, CA

"Just a note to let you know I finished mailing 1,100...letters on Friday, January 18th. The next day (local delivery is one day here), I received my first call back with a positive appointment date! I find your be the best tool for a small tax practitioner like myself. This is my second year employing your materials, and I thank you so much for teaching me affordable marketing techniques...Hope you are well, and best wishes for the new year." - Stephen of Cherry Hill, NJ

"I would like to give you a status [report] of my progress. We started the telemarketing program on January 13, 2003 calling 4 hours a day. I got four leads on that day and made one appointment for the 15th. On the 15th (today), I went out to see the prospect, talked to him for about one hour, and got him as a monthly write-up client. Your program works. I wanted to write you to express my gratitude." - Tony of San Francisco, CA

"I was a new partner in a Boise, Idaho firm and was interested in growing the practice. Fortunately, we took lessons from your seminar and the practice has almost doubled. We have handled our growth well, only adding one additional part time staff member." - Martha of Boise, ID

"The greatest advantage your program is bringing to our practice is the development of a consistent flow of qualified prospects at a relatively minimal cost. Our role as partners has shifted from a hit and miss approach to finding prospects to a consistent flow of prequalified prospects ready and willing to talk to us."- Michael of Lancaster, PA

"Once I learned from the seminar that I was just trying to help people, and not trying to sell to them, it went much better. But I really haven't made any calls since the 3rd. I've been really busy with my own clients. Basically, what I've done is gone down through my list of business clients, including the Schedule C's [and used your approach]...I've found this to be very successful, as I've signed on (or am close to) at least 12 clients, and am working on another 6 for monthly services. I've found that with this right attitude of truly wanting to help them, they have really responded and desire this help...Thank you so much for all you have done!" - Kevin of Portland, OR

"Dear Frank: I have the best program in the world! Yours!...12 calls today. Almost all made appointments. Two gave me compliments on my approach, so I'm passing the compliments on to you...I was sitting here eating lunch and I got my first walk-in off the street. This is an excellent idea Frank. This program of yours is great! The clients are walking in the front door to get to me!...Two calls from S-Corps today for appointments: One restaurant and one trucking company. This program of yours is a client magnet!" - Bob of Salisbury, MD

"I would like to tell you how successful your program has been for me. Your program has generated more new clients than any other marketing technique I have done. The good thing is I have had so many calls, much more than I can handle, that I am quoting much higher fees, and if they can take it, great, and if not, well I have more business than I can currently handle. Thank you for your assistance." - Kathy of Plano, TX

"I have to admit, I did not implement your program 100% as you suggested. In spite of that, I did very well my first year. I subsequently stopped using the program for a while. If I had continued your program and followed it like you presented it to me, I would be significantly further ahead of where I am now. I was hesitant in the beginning, but I'm glad I listened to my instincts and purchased your program. I am excited about implementing your tax program next month and am looking forward to a great year." - Ken of Dallas, Texas

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